Consumer Products

Katla is known by Icelanders for their consumer goods. The most popular ones are the baking products like brown sugar, baking soda, cacao and baking essences as well as products like mashed potatoes, bread crumbs and table salt. Katla has always put emphasis on quality which the Icelandic consumers recognize and therefore choose Katla over the competitors.

The habits of Icelandic consumers have changed towards more simple and less time consuming preparation methods. Katla observes carefully these changes and continuously expands its product range. To fulfill changing demands of consumers Katla has launched new products which have become very popular. These products include waffle mix, puff pastry mix and various bread mixes. Katla is proud to share that the company has launched supplements under the brand name of Profitt that has been very successful by consumers in the field of fitness and sports.
Katla’s consumer goods are sold in almost every grocery store in the country. The department of consumer goods serves customers by regular visits and thereby ensures that the company’s products are available at all times.


For more information contact:

Selma Hreiðarsdóttir – Sales
Consumer products
567 4422 / 696 4432