About Katla

The company KATLA
Katla is a family owned company and ever since it was founded in 1954 the company has focused on producing and marketing quality consumer products. Today the company also produces and market products for the bakery, meat and fish industry.
Originally the company was founded to pack consumer product into user friendly packaging for the Icelandic market instead of importing ready to use products. The founders of Katla were convinced that they would be able to offer the Icelandic consumer better products on more competitive price than they had been offered before. The Icelandic consumer responded positively right away.
Ever since the company Katla matvaelaiðja ehf. bought Katla in 1986 the operation has developed a lot. Many innovations have been successfully marketed and the operation has grown steadily. Over the years other companies have been purchased and integrated with Katla. The company’s strategy is to continue its growth.

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